The Project Centre

Architectural Building Design, Drafting + Permit Studio

"Thinking of building or updating?

Not sure where to start.."

Have you run out of space in your current house?

  • Thinking of doing some renovations or an extension?
  • Wanting to create an outdoor entertainment area? (Verandah, Deck Swimming Pool)
  • Or wanting to design your own unique home, that fulfills all your dreams, wants, needs, site & budget?

We believe in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible..

Embarking on the journey to build, renovate your home can be one of the most fulfilling & anxious experiences you can have as a home owner…

The Team @ The Project Centre are here to..

assist you every step of the way through that journey with exceptional service from our experienced team who are committed to delivering outstanding results, with a professional approach to Building Design that takes your project to a whole new level.